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What is Dutch Courage?

During the Thirty Years’ War, in the 17th century, the British and Netherlands were at odds with each other over political, religious and trade boundaries. The British did however develop a liking of the Dutch spirit Jenever (juniper). The Brits would consume copious amounts of the enlightened spirit to gain confidence before battle. Hence, Dutch Courage. You might know it as liquid courage. Visit Dutch Courage, we’ll help you discover your courage and let your adventure be-GIN!


Brendan Dorr ~ owner

Brendan’s passion for cocktails began during his time at the Peabody Institute (where he studied opera as a classical tenor) and while working as a bartender at the late, but much-loved Ixia, then Baltimore’s most forward-thinking cocktail bar.

During this time, as the cocktail world engulfed him, he met Eric Fooy, a fellow Ixia employee. They have not been separated since. After Ixia shuttered, they helped open B&O American Brasserie and ran the bar program for ten years.

Now, it is Dutch Courage’s turn.

From some of his fondest childhood memories, to his own college experience, to meeting his best friend and business partner, to meeting his wife, and now to opening his first bar, Baltimore is always at the center of Brendan’s greatest successes.

Yet he is still looking forward to more because he knows more is always a possibility, a lesson he learned from his greatest influences, his parents. It just takes hard work, determination, and a little Dutch Courage.

Eric Fooy ~ owner

Eric Fooy knows how to host a party. He has been doing it successfully since high school. Yes, he was also the guy who pulled out a guitar. Except, Eric could actually play. His friends started calling him “E-rock” for a reason, after all. The venues and states have changed. And now, as he opens Dutch Courage, his first bar, the stakes are higher than ever. But he knows the formula is pretty much the same: great people, great music, and great drinks.

Though Dutch Courage highlights gin, give Eric some notes (light or dark, bright or bold, sweet or spirit-forward, et cetera), and he will craft a beautiful song in the form of a delicious cocktail. Do not worry, though. Eric still plays the hits, so he can craft you a classic if you like. And if you do not know what you like, he will help you find it.

Above all else, Eric wants his Dutch Courage guests to be happy and his staff to feel as though they are part of a family. That was his experience at the late, great Ixia shortly after moving to Baltimore from Michigan in 2001. While working at Ixia, he met Brendan Dorr. Together, they would go on to lead the bar program at B&O American Brasserie for ten years.

But this new venue is all theirs. And Eric is ready to take the stage in front of his new hometown.

And now, here’s “Wonderwall.”