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Do you want to enjoy Dutch Courage quality cocktails at home regularly? If your answer is yes, then a Cocktail Club Subscription is for you.

Twice a month you will receive a notification with different cocktail options complete with fun facts about the ingredients we used in the cocktails. You then get to pick which cocktail you’d prefer in a reusable bottle to take home with you. Each bottle holds 5 cocktails. The monthly cost is $65 and with 10 cocktails total in the 2 bottles you’ll get each month, your cocktail cost is at the low price of $6.50. The cocktail options will always be a first time creation, so you get to enjoy something we’ve never created.

We thoroughly clean and sanitize the bottles between each use, cutting down on the amount of plastic bottles we all use, which is great for the environment.

We offer two different subscription options, a 3-month subscription for $195, and a 6-month subscription at a discounted rate of $375.  Sign up today for a Dutch Courage Cocktail Club Subscription.